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About Us

About Us

Mira El-Khalil House of Art is an online platform that bridges emerging art enthusiasts and collectors with the connoisseurship of the house’s specialist.

House of Art Magazine shares cultural insights about the art market and its constituents.

This platform provides art services including art writing and advisory work. Emerging art collectors have the opportunity to build their private art collections through The Dealership. Showcasing the works of certain artists represented by the House of Art, The Dealership is a chance to take possession of art knowing that the artist's best interest is at the forefront of the acquisition.

The studio section is a look into the art practice of Mira El-Khalil as a painter.

Mira El-Khalil

Mira El-Khalil is an art market specialist with experience in art dealing and art writing. El-Khalil’s most recent curatorial work was held in London for the exhibition of contemporary artist Charles Khoury, represented by Marie Jose Gallery. El-Khalil’s most extensive research focuses on the survival of minorities through the remnants of their culture present in the works of contemporary artists. As the research focused on minority groups of the Middle East, El-Khalil’s specialty in Middle Eastern art came to fruition. She holds a Master’s degree in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art (class Valedictorian 2021) and a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies from the American University of Beirut.


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    • Art Writing (Catalog / Research/ Press)
    • Collection Building
    • Advisory services
    • Acquiring the works of The Dealership’s artists