Editor’s Letter

Editor’s Letter


The Way We Were



The way we were was inspired by the hopes of where we would be today in happiness, in success, and in-display of our individual ingenuity which most of us kept to ourselves, pre-adulthood. 2022 is predicted to be the year of the artists by con clairvoyants and the enlightening followers-to-likes ratio of Instagram’s most eligible contemporary art tastemakers. The swarm of the Coronavirus gave us two short years to regroup, re-humane, choose our pronouns and refurbish the grounds of the art market, now expanding into the Metaverse. With the salvation of Black Lives Matter, the Me Too movement, social media’s report on contemporary massacres, and the awareness of health being mental first and negative second, the year 2022 is the time to be an emerging artist. In memory of the way we were, for the future we hoped to see, as artists and their defenders, before a pandemic, before thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate blasted across Beirut which, by any fate would be loved the same, House of Art Magazine presents its monthly writings. For January, a conversation begins surrounding the works of artists chosen by the house’s specialist and stellar guest writers.


 © The Way We Were. Mira T. El Khalil. iPhone photograph and digital design 2010.

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