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House of Art Magazine presents monthly articles written by the house’s specialist and featured writers. Several sub-markets and categories are explored by the magazine’s featured writers. Meanwhile, the house specialist makes sure to include monthly spotlights on artists from the Middle East and in particular from Lebanon.



Arthaus Beirut: Mending A Broken Day

  An Interview with Nabil Debs By Mira El-Khalil   At 6pm on the 4th of August 2020,  Lebanon's women, men, and children lived through one of the most evil events in the recent history of world capitals. Many lost their lives, 7,000 were physically injured, and all were brutally broken-hearted at the sight of [...]

The Story of Anas Al Braehe

    The Story of Anas Al Braehe By Mira El-Khalil     This feature is based on extensive research written in the Master’s degree dissertation by Mira El-Khalil for Sotheby’s Institute of Art of London in 2021. Further research about the artist is available in El-Khalil’s account through Sotheby’s Institute of Art and can [...]

Mayfair Sculpture Trail: Lee Gil Rae

Image provided by Mayfair Art Weekend           Saturday, 2 July 2022 By Mira El-Khalil On the 20th of June 2022, a curious set of sculptures appeared in Grosvenor Square in the city of London. The day was blessed with pleasant weather, inviting the neighborhood outdoors to see the sun and spend [...]

Editor’s Letter: The SUMMER Issue 2022

A series of exciting reads for the summer season.   The SUMMER issue of House of Art Magazine is meant to introduce certain artists to those who are curious to learn more about what’s happening in the worldwide Art Market. Emerging talents from the Middle East, such as Anas Al Braehe, will be highlighted through [...]

MARCH 2022

​​Sumo – The Crazy Bald Head of the Metaverse

  ​​Sumo – The Crazy Bald Head of the Metaverse The Journey of an Established Artist into the Digital Realm. By Mira El-Khalil Monday, 28 March 2022 All images featured in this article are provided by the artist.   The rise of Non Fungible Tokens as art to acquire has emerged through creators in abundance, [...]

March Marquee Week Confirms Appetite for Young Contemporary Artists

    March Marquee Week Confirms Appetite for Young Contemporary Artists     By Olivia Wilson     London’s March sales of modern and contemporary art at Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and Phillip’s auction houses, racked up £577.5 million ($760 million).[1] This total was 35% more than last year’s equivalent sales in London, confirming the increasing recovery [...]


A letter to Cici By Nabil Abou-Dargham In remembrance of the well-known portraitist of the Arab World, Cici Sursock (1923-2015), and for the occasion of her birthday anniversary (March 23rd), Nabil Abou-Dargham presents a lettre-ouverte to Cici.   So, Cici, everything goes like a bird’s song in the skies. It’s life, this miraculous creation that defeats [...]

Neue Projects: A New Art Consultancy in the Wild, Wild, Web3

March 12, 2022 By Emma Grayson Margarita Kiryushkina and Jessica Tatievski of Neue Projects   As we settle into 2022, it’s safe to say that NFTs, and their application in the art world, are here to stay. Those brave enough to explore this domain find a community of open-minded innovators. Margarita Kiryushkina and Jessica Tatievski [...]


        Etel, Simone, some dishes and lilies of the valley - By Ibrahim Kombarji   I dreamed quite often of the day I would meet Etel. I give myself the permission to call her by her first name as we all do with magical daily poets that touch us and intrinsically become [...]

Editor’s Letter: March 2022

March will spring about moving reads by specialists who will remind us of several great artists including Etel Adnan. An insightful letter was written to Cici Sursock by a stellar guest writer and a feature about artist Tom Young will be a few of the house's most interesting entries yet. Moreso, a slow step into [...]



2022 Solo Exhibition at Hauser & Wirth New York Exhibition Review By SERENA LEE Keith Tyson "Drawings and Paintings" at Hauser & Wirth Gallery 542 W 22nd Street. On view till April 2nd. Still-life in the Digital Age In this ongoing series of flowers, an avenue of exploring different modes of paintings, Keith Tyson experiments [...]


LOVE x ART by Mira El-Khalil In the following entry, the house of art specialist Mira El-Khalil shares a personal story for the occasion of Valentine’s day. She writes about her research that was the basis for several paintings in her personal art practice. Auguste Rodin, Edgar Degas, and Gustav Klimt are a few of [...]


      GKG x LOVE     Stellar guest writer CHADI invites the House of Art Magazine’s readers into the writings of Gebran Khalil Gebran on Love. The writer tackles the subject mentioned in the famous book “The Prophet” while taking a closer look in comparison at GKG’s famous painting “Love”. (Further information about [...]

Emmanuel Kwaku Yaro by Mira El-Khalil

  During a private sale held at Phillips Auction House in collaboration with Artemartis, a Ghanaian-owned art collective, and agency, London discovers the best that Contemporary Ghana has to offer through the group exhibition title “Birds of a Feather” (viewing February 1-10 2022). A jaw-dropping selection of societally aesthetic works brings forth a new group [...]

Samah Shihadi by Maha Al-Mansouri

Addressing the status of women, the comparison of religious beliefs with social and political realities, and looking at local landscapes touched by history, Samah Shihadi becomes a force to notice as she develops her art practice. Shihadi is of Palestinian origins, she holds a Master's Degree from the University of Haifa, has won multiple awards [...]

Raouf Rifai by Mira El-Khalil

This text presents a  deeper understanding of Raouf Rifai's art practice and sentiments written by the house specialist Mira El-Khalil.     “I lost my father at the age of seven years old”. An upsetting fact to hear about anyone and something to be immediately moved by. An insight that Dr. Raouf Rifai shared while [...]

Editor’s Letter: February

February The month of February will see the world warming up to 2022 and holding on to the resolutions it made for the year. Some of you have promised yourselves to devote time to alternative passions by becoming active in the subjects of the arts. Mira El-Khalil House of Art can help you kick-start your [...]


Eugène Leroy: About Marina

By Serena Lee Eugene Leroy: About Marina, an exhibition presented by Michael Werner Gallery 11 November 2021 through 5 February 2022 UPPER EAST SIDE, NEW YORK     Once you enter the gallery space of Michael Werner (Upper east side New York), your eye will immediately fall on the view of the nude paintings by [...]

This Is Ribal Molaeb

By Mira El-Khalil This feature is based on extensive research written in the Master’s degree dissertation by Mira El-Khalil for Sotheby’s Institute of Art of London in 2021. Further research about the artist is available in El-Khalil’s account through Sotheby’s Institute of Art and will be included in publications set to be released by 2023.  [...]

What is left of the city? 

By Manuella Haddad What is left of the city?  A revision of Beirut city's architectural landscape post-blast.   In order to understand the damages post-blast,  it is important to take a look back at when Beirut’s architecture scene was undergoing major changes. While the city's streets are haunted by many wars, the classical Lebanese architecture [...]

Charles Khoury by Mira El-Khalil

Mira El-Khalil Friday 14, January 2022 Identity by Charles Khoury -Currently on view by appointment at Marie Jose Gallery-       Spotlight Biography Charles Khoury is a post-war to contemporary artist. He is a graduate of the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts) and is certified in Lithography. He is a [...]

Olivia Wilson Spotlights Rachel Jones

Olivia Wilson Friday 14, January 2022 Rachel Jones, SMIIILLLLEEEE at Thaddaeus Ropac, until February 5th   In a bold, enigmatic new series of large-scale canvases, Rachel Jones investigates a sense of self as a visual, visceral experience, through motifs of mouths and teeth, which suggest inner landscapes. Jones is interested in exploring the complexities surrounding [...]

Editor’s Letter

  The Way We Were     The way we were was inspired by the hopes of where we would be today in happiness, in success, and in-display of our individual ingenuity which most of us kept to ourselves, pre-adulthood. 2022 is predicted to be the year of the artists by con clairvoyants and the [...]



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