Raouf Rifai

Raouf Rifai

“I invite you to explore the paintings of Raouf Rifai and attend their enveloping nature as they recount the stories of a Middle Eastern identity dancing in a carnival of memories, some sweet and some sour. Rifai’s paintings will leave a lasting impression through a hero for all, whether a girl from Beirut or a boy from Baalbek.” -Mira El-Khalil

Raouf Rifai - Darwich Love, 180x150cm, 2020, Acrylic

Raouf Rifai - Darwich Love, 150x150cm, 2019, Acrylic

Raouf Rifai - Darwich. 150x150cm, 2021, Acrylic

Raouf Rifai - Darwich, 200x100cm, 2021, Acrylic

Darwich, 150x120cm, 2020, Acrylic

Raouf Rifai - Darwich, 100x100cm, 2020, Acrylic